Lubricants for the food industry
Agri-food industry
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Lubricants for the food industry have extremely varied fields of application and are used for:

  • lubrication of conveyor chains, pneumatic air circuits…
  • greasing of bearings, axles
  • power transmission: geared motors, spiral bevel gear boxes
  • heat transfer
  • protection of equipment against corrosion

The CONDAT range of lubricants specifically intended for the food industry meet the standards and requirements that preserve the health of the consumer while ensuring quality technical performance for the correct operation of the machines.


These lubricants are used in the following industries in particular:

  • slaughterhouse
  • ready-cooked meals, canning factories
  • pizza manufacturers
  • industrial bakeries
  • cosmetics: from production to packaging
  • pharmaceuticals

Associated services

CONDAT provides its customers with Technical Assistance to optimise their lubricant needs.

Condat optimises the use of your machinery with its range of equipment for:

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